Cell Culture

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We offer a complete range of Cell culture reagents from basic formulations to advance Stem Cell culture reagents with the newest formulations. Gibco® products from Life Technologies provide the highest quality, consistency and performance for your cell culture and tissue culture needs including cell culture media, reagents, cell lines, cell cultures, cell culture bags, fetal bovine serum and growth factors for your research and Bioproduction needs. Gibco® cell culture products, the most trusted brand of cell culture media, reagents, cells and sera: Gibco® cell culture products – the most widely referred in scientific literature globally.

  • Cell culture media & supplements
  • Cell culture regents
  • Tissue culture disposables
  • Cell lines
  • Transfections
  • Cell counting & viability testing
  • Cell culture qc
  • Contamination control detection
  • Cell culture equipment’s

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