Liquid Handling

ATEX Cable Reel

Simplify your sample preparation and stabilize biosamples for decades and integrate sample storage and retrieval seamlessly with day-to-day lab operations for life science researchers. Hardware and software products complement our core storage solutions and allow researchers to organize their samples all at ambient temperature in a secure, high-density, and low cost format compared to freezers.

Our broad suite of user configurable solutions for sample storage, retrieval, and management. Combining innovative laboratory robotics with full featured software and database applications, NEXUS Biosystems has been able to create a fast and flexible yet highly reliable automated sample management platform. The Universal Store product family has been designed to address the ever-evolving needs and demands of compound and sample management for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical testing, agrichemical, laboratory diagnostics, genomics, pathology, and fine chemicals

Saliva DNA / RNA collection kits

Ambient sample storage system

Liquid handling robots

  • Liquid handling system – 75cm length
  • Liquid handling system – 100cm length
  • Liquid handling system – 150cm length

PCR workstations

Automated PCR & CE set up systems

  • Liquid handling system – 75cm length
  • Liquid handling system – 100cm length

Next Gen sequencing sample set up systems

Dry DNA/RNA/blood storage systems & consumables

Deep (-20°c & -80°c ) freezers

Cryopreservation storage systems (liquid nitrogen)

Automated (-20°c) DNA storage systems

Automated (-80°c) sample storage systems

Blood fractionation systems

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